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As a certified massage therapist and a health educator, I welcome you to this journey towards vitality -- a return to your best self.


About Myself

My Story

My name is Sarah Woods. I have been a Certified Massage Therapist since 2008 when I graduated from the National Holistic Institute (NHI) in San Jose, California. Because of my passion for massage, and to better serve my clients, in 2016 I completed an additional 450 hour Advanced Neuromuscular Program from NHI. I have worked at numerous massage establishments, from day-spas to doctors offices. I absolutely love what I do; it is a joy to help people feel and achieve their best.



Empower and Heal


What I Believe

I first discovered massage as a young, energy-filled child who could not go to sleep. After experiencing the almost miraculous benefits massage seemed to offer, I began massage school at 19. I am now 31, and massage continues to profoundly benefit my life: a calmer mind, reduced pain, greater range of motion, and improved sleep. I now find great meaning and enjoyment in helping others lead healthier, happier, pain free lives.


My Approach to Treatment

A Holistic Approach to Medicine

I offer various massage services, each tailored to an individual's needs. Massage collaborates with your body's interconnected systems to promote healing and happiness. Benefits include increased blood and lymphatic circulation, increased range of motion, greater flexibility, and a toning of the nervous system. Feel free to browse through each massage option and contemplate which service calls to you.



This modality is wonderful for crises and unexplained pains that other types of massage have not been unable to fix. Migraine headaches, headaches, tinnitus, TMJD, whiplash, pinched nerve, carpal tunnel, pain between the shoulder blades, low back pain, hip pain, sciatica, knee pain, and plantar fasciitis are just some of the issues Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) can help alleviate. Also considered a deep tissue massage, this slow, steady modality works into the deeper layers of your fascia. This massage helps reunite the nervous and muscular systems. I will use quasi-static pressure with fingers or elbows to eliminate trigger points. (Trigger points are "knots" or sensitive points on a muscle.) With my knowledge of pain referral patterns, we can work together to the root cause of your discomfort and aid your body in healing. This massage can be done with the client clothed and does not require lotion. (60m $90 /90m $135)


Deep Tissue

This high-pressure, intense massage is great for computer junkies, commuters, and people with chronic pain in a specific area. Deep Tissue Massage focuses on the deeper layers of fascia and muscle tissue; slow steady pressure is used to penetrate and break old holding patterns, creating a more pain-free body. (60m $90/ 90m $135)

Swedish Massage


With long, gliding, relaxing strokes, Swedish massage is a phenomenal sleep aid and can help you unwind from a tough day. This modality uses light to medium pressure. (60m $90/ 90m $135)

Reiki Treatment


For the Mommy-to-be! Every precaution is taken to ensure the safety of you and your child. Organic oil and, if you so desire, doTERRA lavender essential oil will be used. There are certain areas that I will avoid entirely in the early stages of pregnancy, and only light pressure will be used on the legs for the safety of mom and baby. (60m $90/ 90m $135)

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This service uses every trick up my sleeve but without the frills. This is for the client with chronic pain and extreme tension who likes Deep Tissue but wants something innovative and efficient/cost-effective. This is a blend of Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Trigger Point, Shiatsu, Myofascial, and Sports Massage. Hot stones are used as necessary. (60m $100 /90m $150)

Swedish Massage

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